About Us

RCPSF will carry out our plan by:

  • Encouraging the community to help transform the lives of Rockbridge County School students through the support of quality education
  • Equipping classrooms with state-of-the-art technology
  • Supporting the latest and most effective learning techniques
  • Providing students and teachers with enriching experiences
  • Working with faculty to find and develop both inspired and innovative programs
  • Partnering with the public and private sectors to bring resources and experience to our schools

In short, we believe our work will help students achieve higher levels of academic, personal and social success.

Our Vision of Success:

  • Community-wide awareness and strong financial support of the Foundation
  • Widespread recognition by teachers and administrators of the Foundation’s resources and support
  • Multiple grant proposals sought and awarded in every school every year
  • Providing a positive impact for every student through a foundation-funded program during their time in Rockbridge County Schools


Board of Directors 2017-2018:

  • Dick Halseth, President (1st term ends 2018)
  • Susan Piribek, Vice President (1st term ends 2018)
  • Adam Sandridge, Treasurer (1st term ends 2019)
  • Mary Grey Rhoades, Secretary (2nd term ends 2020)
  • Corey Berkstresser (ex officio – School Board Representative)
  • Phillip Thompson (ex officio – Superintendent)
  • David Daniels (ex officio – Director of Finance)
  • Chesley Strickler (ex officio – Student Representative)
  • Kathy Burant (1st term ends 2018)
  • Whitney Huffman (1st term ends 2018)
  • Kimberly Kennedy (1st term ends 2018)
  • Lynn McCoy (1st term ends 2018)
  • Carol Wheeler (2nd term ends 2018)
  • Tres Mullis (2nd term ends 2019)
  • Stacy Stevens (1st term ends 2019)
  • Stephanie Ring (2nd term ends 2020)


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