Learning Through Play: Orff Instruments for Natural Bridge Elementary

With the addition of three xylophones and a glockenspiel, Lacey Lynch is using the Orff method to teach music and to enhance learning in her classroom and beyond. This methodology involves play, imitation, experimentation and personal expression through music, movement, speech and drama. Students will enjoy these new instruments in class and by sharing what they’ve learned with the NBES community during performances.

Students used their new instruments to entertain their parents, family and friends.


“I am grateful for the Rockbridge Community Foundation Grant used to
purchase Orff xylophones for the music classroom at NBES. Because of the
access to these instruments, our students at every grade, level PK-5, are
able to perform and create music on a daily basis in a way that is fun,
engaging and rewarding for the students.”

Lacey Lynch, NBES music teacher

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